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Who are we?


Hi, I'm Alexia, but you can call me Lexi!

My last name is pronounced "fire" and spelled like Meijer without the j, but soon, it'll be Couture. 2015 was a big year for me: I fell in love, received my Bachelors of Arts degree in Film and Video Production, started a wedding videography business, and I also became pregnant with the best little girl in the universe.

I wear many hats at Couture Creative Media - from web design, marketing, and client relations to directing and editing. My dream is to travel across the world with my family and my favorite things include black pour-over coffee, snuggles with Marnie and Kiki, our kitten, long hot baths with a book (or my Nintendo DS), and cooking, eating, & taking pictures of food. 



I am many things. I am a 24 year old rad dad, a fanatic film nerd, an avid comic book reader, a craft beer connoisseur, and a devourer of podcasts. The list really could go on forever. I love my family and friends. I am constantly creating art or thinking about ways to be creative.

At Couture Creative Media, I shoot, edit, and assist in all creative decisions. I always use my love and knowledge of film to inform my work. My goal is to provide the best, most polished product to all clients.

I am constantly busy but all I really want to do is hangout with my fiancee and daughter and watch Netflix or play PS4. My dream is to one day own a comic book store/brewpub. My favorites things are: seasons 3-8 of The Simpsons, Modest Mouse’s 1996 album This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About, and Alan Moore’s seminal run on Swamp Thing. 



Yep, we met in film school. We think it's pretty cute. We were assigned to work on a documentary together and both being quirky introvert-types, we were shy at first, until one day when Nick played Modern Baseball in his car after a shoot. While shouting out the lyrics together, something just clicked. And then Nick made me wait like, forever (really it was four months) before he said he liked me. Many concerts, rainy days (our favorite), Netflix & pizza nights, camping trips, and film shoots later, we now live in Lansing with our rad little girl, Marnie. 

Then he asked me if I wanted to get a walking portrait with Marnie.




Lexi & Nick

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